Amazona aestiva Gideon Scheepers


These beautiful parrots have yellow on the crown cheeks, shoulders of wings and thighs, and the leading edges of wings are red, the forehead and lores are blue (thus blue fronted), bill greyish black, wing tips dark blue. Overall this bird is green edged in black. The top of the tail is green with yellow tips, underside of tail red with yellow at the tip. Amazons are stocky birds. Length is 36-cm.

Range and Habitat

They can be found in Brazil and northern Argentina and as far south as the Rio Grande. They are common throughout their wide range. They are being threatened by deforestation and trapping for exports

Housing In Aviculture

Blue Fronts can be housed in any suitable aviary, weather it is a conventional or suspended aviary, we prefer suspendeds as these parrots are very territorial and will not hesitate to attack you, whilst breeding. With suspendeds you do not enter their territory, so they remain calm and happy and can settle down and breed. Nestboxes used are boot shaped and are 60cm deep x 30cm wide x 45 cm long. They are active intelligent parrots and must have some sort of toys to keep them occupied, such as blocks of wood, soft peach tree branches or rope.


Breeding in Aviculture

The first recorded breeding of this species was in France in the 1880's, by M.Renouard, who bred three young. Amazons are often difficult to breed in Aviculture and wild birds may take several years of adaptation to Aviculture before they begin to breed. Amazons breed mainly in the spring and usually only have a single clutch of 2 to 5 eggs. Many aviculturist remove the first clutch of eggs from the nest, usually causing the pairto double clutch, thus increasing production. They will take anything from 2-5 years to mature, but they live for 20-70 years.


There are a few mutations of this parrot, including a blue, cinnamon, pied, olive or Khaki and lutino. If you know of any mutation Amazons please contact me or send a pic to Gideon.



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