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The general plumage is green with the entire head a dull blue. The flight, primary feathers and primary coverts are blue and the edge of wing blue edged with green and upper wing-coverts are blue with green edging. The underside of flight feathers and tail is an olive-yellow. The tail feathers maroon and are broadly tipped with blue. The bill is black. The bare facial area is whitish grey. The iris is yellow with an orange-red outer ring. The feet are flesh-coloured. Youngsters are similar to adults but with darker iris. They have a length of 41 cm. About the size of an Illigers Macaw

Range and Habitat

They inhabit the eastern part of Peru north to upper Huallaga Valley, western Brazil and northern Bolivia. They are forest dwellers usually along river courses, but are equally happy in settled and cultivated areas from 150 m up to 1300 m and will also inhabit the palm groves in marshlands. They are only common in localities. They are mostly seen in pairs or threes outside breeding season. They prefer tall trees along watercourses. Their calls are very soft grrr grrr (according to O'Niel, 1984) softer and higher than the Illiger's Macaw.

Housing in Aviculture

They can be housed in most aviary types, ranging from suspended to conventional aviaries. They should be supplied with plenty of branches to chew and sturdy perches placed in the front and rear of the aviary so as to let them exercise.

Breeding in Aviculture

This is seldom achieved because of its rarity. They should be given a horizontal nest box 30-cm X 30-cm X 60-cm. The average clutch size is 3 to 4 eggs and incubation lasts 26 days, with chicks fledging at 12 weeks. They are usually double brooded.


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