This parrot looks very much like a miniature Hyacinth macaw, but is generally a greenish-blue, more greenish below with the head and nape a duller blue-grey and the throat and upper breast grey-brown. The beak is black and the bare facial patch at the base of the beak is pale yellow, as is the eye ring. The feet are dark grey and the iris is dark brown in colour. They grow to a length of about 72-cm.

Range & Habitat

Their range use to extend from Northeast Argentina, Uruguay and Brazilian states of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina. They use to inhabit open areas with Yatay palms as well as forests along river courses, but are almost certainly extinct. There have been no sittings of these parrots in the wild since the nineteenth century.

Diet in Nature

Specialised in the fruits of the Yatay palm (Butia Yatay), as well as various fruits, nuts and seeds

Breeding in Nature

The only known nesting sites were in living and dead trees and palms as well as crevices and hollows in cliff faces.

Life in Aviculture

Very little is known about these parrots, there was a lone bird kept in Australia and in Buenos Aires Zoo which died in 1938.

Breeding in Aviculture

No known breedings ever took place.

The Photos are cortesy of Tony Pitman


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