Amazona ventralis ................................................................By Gideon Scheepers


These pretty little amazons are generally green, with a black edging to the feathers. They resemble the Cuban amazon, but without the pink facial markings. They have the forehead and lores white with the crown and upper cheeks a dull blue. There is an irregular vinous red to chestnut patch on the abdomen. The eye ring is white and the beak is a yellowish-horn colour. The iris is brown, and feet are a brownish colour. They grow to a length of around 26-cm.


Range & Habitat

Their range is from Haiti, Dominican Republic and some offshore islands, They frequent forested areas and will forage on cultivated crops. Usually seen in pairs or small flocks outside breeding season

Housing in Aviculture

They can be housed in suspendeds as this avoids contamination, and security to these territorial birds.

Breeding in Aviculture

They do not seem to breed that readily, but pairs have been known to be quite prolific once established. The average clutch size is 3 to 4 eggs and incubation lasts 25 to 26 days. The young will fledge at around 7 to 8 weeks.


I know of no mutations. If you are in possesion of any mutation photos please contact me at Gideon. and maby send me a photo.


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