Ara nobilis ..............................................................By Gideon Scheepers


These micro macaws Ara n. nobilis are generally green with the forehead a dark blue. The shoulders as well as edge of wing and the under wing-coverts are red. The under tail and under flight feathers are dirty yellow. The outer primary feathers are blue. The bare facial patch is white and the bill and feet are dark grey. The iris is reddish brown. They become 30 cm in length. The Nobel macaw (Ara n. camanensis) becomes 33cm in length and has the upper mandible horn coloured, the blue on the crown and forehead is lighter. Neumann's Macaw (Ara n. longipennis) looks the same as the Nobel Macaw but is larger than the other two, measuring 35 cm.

Range and Habitat

The Ara n. nobilis is found in French Guiana, Guyana, Surinam, eastern Venezuela and Brazil north of the Amazon River. Ara n. camanensis is found in Brazil south of the Amazon River. Ara n. longipennis is found in Brazil in Mato Grosso, Espirito Santo and, São Paulo. They are found in the open forests and savannahs with adjoining forest. Usually seen in small groups of around 10-15 birds.

Housing in Aviculture

They do equally well in conventional as well as suspended aviaries, we use suspendeds with great success. They require a smallish nestbox of around 25cm X 25cm X 45 deep.

Breeding in Aviculture

They are easy breeders and there should be no problems with them. The hen will lay a clutch of 4 to 6 eggs and incubate them alone for 23 days. The young will fledge after 60 days. You can supply them with a small tree stump or a conventional nest box.

Pet Quality

They make great pets, and will learn to speak a few words.


You would think that with the amount of these parrots that are bred there would be some mutations, but I cannot find any reference to mutations anywhere. If you are aware of any then please contact me



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