We do not encourage the breeding of hybrid macaws, but if there is absolutely no other choice, I believe it is ok to have them breed and the chicks sold as pets and not breeders.

Blue & Gold and a Scarlet becomes a Catalina
Blue & Gold and a Greenwing becomes a Harliquin
Blue & Gold and a Hyacinth becomes a Caloshua
Scarlet and a Greenwing becomes a Ruby
Scarlet and a Military becomes a Shamrock
Scarlet and a Buffons becomes a Verde
Catalina and a Scarlet becomes a Camelot
Camelot and a Scarlet becomes a Capri
Greenwing and a Military becomes a Calico
Military and a Blue & Gold becomes a Miligold
Military and a Buffons becomes a Miliffons
Buffons and a Greenwing becomes a Buffwing
Greenwing and a Calico becomes a Cameo
Catalina and a Greenwing becomes a Flame


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