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 Mutation Ringnecks

If Parrots are the reason for the visit , then you've come to the right place. Thomasriver Aviaries raises many parrots yearly , both for the pet trade and as future breeders. Our handreared babies are cute and cudly. We sell babies at different stages i.e. Out the nest , semi weaned and weaned.

We breed various mutation Indian Ringneck Parrots. Such as Blue , Lutino , Grey , Silver , Yellowheadcinnamon (Pallid-Ino) , Skyblue , Turquoise , Creamino , Greygreen , Blue and Grey Pallid (Lacewing) , Blue and Grey Pallid Turquoise (Rainbows), Buttercups , and Fallows.
Our Handreared Babies are just great.

 Parrot Sanctuary

We take in many Unwanted, Old, Wild, Abused, Plucked, Handicapped, Blind, and Screaming parrots. We were at a vet when someone wanted to have a parrot put down due to a handicap, we couldn't bear it and since that day in 1996 we have opened our doors and hearts to these special birds.
We have to date succesfully placed 19 special birds into foster homes where they are well cared for.
Most of the others have been paired up with a partner so that they can live out their days in bliss.

 Ring ID Register

We have set up a place on the NET where you can register your Ring (Band) ID, as a breeder.
There is one for parrot breeders.
Want to register your ID ? This is the Place.
We get many calls yearly, from people wanting to know whos ring it is on a parrot they found, and without being registered we cannot help them.

 Classified Ads

Click here to place a free classified ad in our new classified ad service, or read the listings that have already been posted.

Red Rumps

There are various established Mutations of this charming little parrot , as time goes by I will be adding more mutation pictures.

 Parrot Forum

Join the popular forum, where we discuss all parrot related things. You will also be able to share your experiences and photos with other people around the world. Here you will be able to publish parrot related article as well.

 Bird Breeder Register

 Books for sale Online

Bird breeders are welcome to register here. The more exposure the better , You can register your name phone number , area and types of birds you breed . And it is for free. This service will be opperational soon , but you can register using the ring registration form.

 Sexing Parrots

A little bit of info on parrot sexing methods

Where are you from?

Indicate on a map where you are from

The Parrot Breeding and Reference Book, has been written for bird breeders and keepers I have included mutation photos of various parrot types, some have never been seen before. There are around 1550 photos with 90% of them having enlargements. 420 species and sub-species of parrots are covered. There is also a free Aviary Management program included.

For Local orders

All of this for only R250 including postage & packaging

or US$50 for international orders

If paying by PayPal


$35 including postage

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