They are mainly green with the nape feathers faintly edged with black and the cheeks and fore crown is orange/yellow, also occasionally forehead; lores and area above eyes violet-blue; edge of wing yellowish-green; primaries green becoming violet-blue with black tips; orange wing-speculum across three outer secondaries, occasionally across fourth and fifth as well; tail green with greenish-yellow tips; outer feathers washed with orange-red. The eye ring is grey. Bill is horn-coloured with grey tip and the iris is orange. The legs and feet are grey. They grow to a length of 31 cm

Range and Habitat

Orange wings range from Eastern Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, northern Bolivia, Brazil, to Guyana and Surinam. They are common throughout their range and usually seen in pairs or large flocks up to several hundred even occasionally thousands of birds at roosting times.They are usually seen either flying or perching on bare branches in tops of tall trees.. They enjoy climbing and playing and can be noisy during flight and on roosting trees but are very quiet whilst feeding. These parrots as do most amazon parrots have a very load call.

Breeding in Aviculture

They are medium-noisy and are hardy. They are great chewers and perches needs to be replaced often. They enjoy a shower or a dish to bath in, we provide mirco-mist sprayers on the aviaries and this is turned on in the heat of the day. They will breed regularly once established and some pairs can become quite prolific. Clutch size 2 to 5 eggs; incubation 25-27 days. Chicks will fledge at 8 weeks. They should be left alone and given ample privacy during breeding season.

Pet Quality

They make great pets, but they are extroverts and become dominant over the owner especially as they reach maturity. They do learn to talk quite well.


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