Trichoglossus h. moluccanus..................................................By Gideon Scheepers


Blue Mountain Lorikeets or Swainson's Lorikeets as the are commonly referred to are generally green, with a violet-blue head. The breast is yellowish-orange. The abdomen is dark violet-blue. The nape band is lime-green. The iris is red-brown and the eye ring is grey. The feet are grey and they have an orange bill. They grow to a length of around 28-cm.



Range and Habitat

They have an extensive range from eastern Australia, Southeast Australia to Eyre Peninsular, Kangaroo Island and Tasmania. They are usually seen in pairs, small family groups to very large flocks outside breeding season.

Housing in Aviculture

They do very well in suspended aviaries, due to the liquid nature of their droppings. Supply them with an L-Shaped nestbox measuring 30 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm deep with a tube entrance, lined with fresh pine shavings

Breeding in Aviculture

They are good breeders with little troubles; they will mature at around 1 year and are ready and capable of breeding at that time. Hens will lay a clutch of 2 eggs occasionally 3. These will be incubated for a period of 25 days. The young will fledge at the age of 8 weeks.


There are various mutations established in aviculture, such as Parblue, Lime, Lutino, Fallow, Pied, Blue fronted, Cinnamon, Khaki, Grey-green and Blue.


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