We started this as we felt there is a need, due to people emigrating, inhereting and parrots getting older, plucking, and being mauled by the cat. We take in handicapped, old, plucked, abandoned and problem birds.

We provide a safe haven for ill-treated, plucked, wild, old, or handicapped Parrots. We set them up with mates of their own kind. The old ones are put into the Senior Psittascene Retirement Home. Where the may live out their lives in Harmony with others of their kind.

We take in Parrots, which have lost their owners due to death or relocation, as well as handicapped birds.

So if you have a lonely parrot in need of a safe environment give us a call.

We started taking in these birds when we were at a vet and somebody wanted to have a Grey put down because she had a broken wing . We bought the parrot from the lady and had the broken piece surgically removed . She has now been with us for 5 years.

We have a Macaw which has no wings or feet which was given to us by a zoo, another Macaw “Don Pedro” who’s wing tip had been bitten off and legs crippled, a friend of mine was at the vet when someone was there and wanted the bird put down , my friend told them I take these birds and called me up . The parrot is 14 years old and has become so tame and has just started talking.

I have Ringnecks which are crippled by other larger birds given to me. I have a Lesser Sulfer Crested Cockatoo which had been severely bitten by its mate and subsequently lost its toes and part of her wing, she was put into a suspended aviary with another Lesser female, 2 months later they were both sitting on two eggs each .

We exchanged a pair of Senegal Parrots for a blind Orange Wing Amazon , when I collected him, I was given a lot of medicines for his sinuses and eyes, I stopped using the medicines immediately and started feeding good food, I went and bought a female for company and to teach him where the food was , within a month the parrot was getting around the aviary very well, within 2 months he was flying very well , I caught him out and checked the eyes, there was no a trace of milkiness or cataracts anywhere.

We buy or exchange many Greys which are plucked and put them up to breed, most of them remain plucked but a lot of them recover totally .



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