Lorius chlorocercus .............................................................By Gideon Scheepers


These stunning birds are mainly red with the forehead, lores, crown and nape black. The breast is rich yellow hence the name; yellow bib. They have dark blue thighs and green wings with a beautiful pale blue on the bend of the wing. The eye ring is black and the iris is orange-red. The bill is orange and the feet are dark grey. They grow to a length of around 28-cm.

Range and Habitat

They hail from the forested areas of the Solomon Islands. They can be seen in pairs or small groups.

Housing in Aviculture

They can be housed in conventional as well as suspended aviaries, we find the latter to be more hygienic and produces better breeding results. There must be a nest box attached with outside access so that nest inspection can be done with ease. The nestbox we use is an L-shaped boot box, 50 cm tall x 30 cm deep and 45 cm wide.

Breeding in Aviculture

They are regularly and successfully bred in South Africa. The hen will lay a clutch of 2 eggs occasionally 3. The young will fledge at around 10 weeks. Multiple breedings are possible in Aviculture.


There is a Red-suffsed mutation in South Africa



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